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Conscious Open Relationship Dating (CORD) is a fun & sex positive dating destination, where Polyamory meets the Swinger community!

Do you find traditional dating sites challenging as a non-monogamous person, couple, or throuple?

Our research shows that many in the Swinger Lifestyle are far more open to conscious open relationships when compared to members of traditional monogamous dating sites.

CORD is right for you if you are open to introducing your style of ethical non-monogamy to folks in the Swinger Lifestyle.

Be prepared for more adult content from some members.

Are you tired of boring dates and shallow conversations?

You recognize that conventional dating sites yield conventional dating results. You want more. You deserve more.

You’re into deep, passionate conversations that pull back the superficial layers of life and touch those parts of your mind & soul that have never been touched before.

Do you value the connection between your “metamours” (your lovers)?

You believe in the healing power of metamours having their own special connection.

You may even prefer gatherings with all partners.

You’re comfortable with varying degrees of emotional and physical affection between each other.

You value the freedom of love and nurturing touch to show up in the way that feels right for each person.

Are you interested in exploring or creating conscious & sexually safe play parties with others?

In these sacred containers, everyone values transparent communication around interests, desires, boundaries, and sexual safety before engaging.

You’re happy with sweet conversations, cuddles, kisses, sensual massage, or more, but only if it calls to you and others.

Do you desire a global virtual community whose ethos is compassionate, non-violent communication?

You long for a community where you can ask for support in your open relationships and feel safe from judgment or aggressive communication.

Your requests for support would be met with compassion and curiosity from a wide range of perspectives.

Do you want to practice non-monogamy in conscious and ethical ways, meaning you are not into random hookups, lying, cheating, slut-shaming, etc.?

Welcome to your favorite new dating site!